Benefits Of Doing An Apple TV Jailbreak  

29For the average home user, they may see their Apple TV devices as the best media centre above anything that they could get. Despite the fact that it has a small size, its features are big and powerful. On the other hand, when it comes to video streaming, it is quite unfortunate that the device is almost useless.


Yes, it is possible to hook it to your computer so long as it have iTunes and play the TV shows and movies you have both however, in case that you wish to play a video that’s not bought using your iTunes, then good luck. Read further details about this from our site. Take this for example, you have decided to lease HD movies from Apple, then it is more likely that you’ll have to wait 3 hours more or less to complete the download.


The good thing is, it is possible to tweak your device and transform it to a powerhouse by carrying out some procedures. Well for sure, you are already wondering to what procedure ought to be done? Well, just keep reading to learn more about it.


Needless to say, if you have an Apple device, you are already familiar with the term Jailbreaking; but in case you don’t, jailbreaking is the process of having root access to the device so you’ll be able to control and have freedom on both its firmware and Operating System (OS). Further data about this are displayed at Most of the time, professionals are doing this procedure as it sometimes gets tricky for inexperienced individual.


But why jailbreaking is an option for most users? Here are some benefits that may convince you to do the same thing as well.


Customization – after the jailbreak, it is now possible to add weather forecast and even slideshows to the main menu. Aside from that, you may even hide some menus, adjust screen saver settings and the likes.


Media Content – generally speaking, the device is considered as King when talking about media contents. And that is for real! This is the best product that any client can get from such price. In addition to that, if you have other Apple devices, you can use its AirPlay and AirPlay mirroring feature to gain access from the default media.


Web Browsing – a jailbroken Apple TV can be installed with web kit browsers. These kits will allow you to visit your favourite websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the likes directly from your TV screen. However, the web browsing is mostly recommended for quick searching. If you want to read more, click here to get started.

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